Growth, with the expertise of Yeald

Growth. That’s what the entire greenhouse horticulture sector is about. Growing bigger, expanding, starting new enterprises, developing new plans. But this also includes growth in the sense of growing food and ornamental plants. Whatever growth you have in mind, Yeald will help you realise it.


Food-safe and sustainable cultivation


Think global, act local


The need for food and ornamental plants

Yeald and you

Yeald was founded with the mission to provide ‘the entire world’ with sufficient quality food and ornamental plant products, produced in a responsible and sustainable fashion at all times. The need for these products and methods of production keeps pace with the growth and development of the world’s population. Together with you Yeald is dedicated to fulfil this ambition. And with its founder Rob van Leeuwen in control this objective is as ambitious as it is realistic.

Yeald’s staff have long proved themselves in the greenhouse horticulture industry. Their ability to find solutions, passion and qualification to always see the bigger picture have added a surplus value to Yeald that no other company can offer. It combines the best of both Dutch and international knowledge of greenhouse horticulture, contacts with reputable Dutch expertise centres and many years of experience in the modern greenhouse horticulture sector. That is what Yeald is about! And that is what Yeald may add to the development of your farm.